The Reggae Recipe
Anniversary Weekender
(3rd weekend of June)

Due to the Covid-madness we've been inactive for more than two years, and considering the instability and the uncertainty of the situation our annual weekender will have to wait yet one more year, also because, as we previously announced, we have to reconsider the format and due to the last world facts we didn't even get to think about that.
So we will come most likely toward the end of 2022 with the announcement of our weekender new style, that will be most probably be held as usual in the 3rd weekend of June 2023.

In the meantime we might still be busy with occasional shows and dj sets around town, so check out our Facebook or Instagram pages from time to time.

So it all started...

Sunday 19 June 2005: the official debut of Reggae Recipe and one of the nicest days of my life.

The first Reggae Recipe website was live since April and now we had our first party, in the now shut De Diepte, a rock club just behind Dam Square.

That day was a scorcher (literally!), and the Oosterparkfestival was also being held on that afternoon, featuring, among other world music acts, the recently formed Ska Cubano, on the axis London-Havana.

I remember cooking a lot of Caribbean finger food in the morning, then walking to the park (I lived in East Amsterdam back then) to meet up with my friends from the Amsterdam Scooter Club, present in full force for this event, and sharing my food and drinking beer with them under the baking sun.

Then into the tent for a stunning performance of this great combo, featuring members of The Trojans, Top Cats and experienced Cuban Musicians.
It was a delightful sweat bath!

Shortly after them, on a small side stage along one of the park's main paths, a very young band was having his second show ever. My then partner in crime Marco aka Charley Rhythm had already told me about this 'uptempo reggae' band on the bill. That name certainly meant something interesting, that's what I thought. Those fellas definitely had a clue...
And, yes! They definitely had. And their name was THE UPSESSIONS!
Fantastic own compositions in a distinctive early reggae style, with a touch of The Specials for good measure.
Marco was quick enough to immediately book them for September and since then they became the most featured act in our programming.

Time to go home, change clothes, pack the records and head for De Diepte.
The place was empty and we started with an empty room too, fearing a flop of our debut (it was a Sunday too, so not so much hope for the place to fill up later on). But eventually the place really got packed, and among the crowd we could spot the faces of a few people we gave the flyer to earlier in the day.

Then the party came to an end around 3:00 or 4:00, and it was time to pack our stuff, grab our payout (20 euro each!) and drink our last beer sitting down in Dam Square in that warm night, toasting to the start of something nice.

Which it definitely has become.