Reggae Recipe Residents

From Rome to Amsterdam via Milan.
Travelling northbound to eventually be able to fully enjoy the spicy tastes of the South. A paradox that suits his character well. In Italy he's been playing in ska and reggae bands, dj'ing around and running reggae clubs in Milan.
He started Reggae Recipe in 2005 and since then he's been deejaying (and sometimes also dish-jaying) all over Europe, and since 2019 in Holy Land Jamaica too.

Born and bred Amsterdammer and reggae fan of the first hour.
According to him (and his father) the World lies between East Amsterdam and West Amsterdam (but recently he broadened his horizons to Sheffield, UK), so it's quite difficult to get him away from his records, his darts and his football.
So for some pounding ska (and a good laugh!) you'll mostly have to hit these shores!

Long standing reggae aficionado, for years our most loyal supporter, and eventually induced into Reggae Recipe's 'Inner Circle', for we can definitely use his heart, his brains... and his records!

Never change a winning MC, especially if you have a Champian in house! From South London to Amsterdam with wisdom and plenty of laughs, every year in June, now for the 6th time and counting.

Upcoming Guests

(15-16 June 2024)

Helea Louison - Paris

Mr. Moodisc - Utrecht

Mr. Mule Train - Amsterdam

Miss Maggs - Amsterdam